Training courses, master classes, instructions, methodological materials, flowcharts, tips and much more in the field of Apple repair - it's all on this site.

What is the UNIQUENESS of this project:

Due to the fact that the entire information base of the project is divided into topics and groups, each user can choose the topic he needs and start studying without wasting time on what he does not need or what he already knows. Thus, those who know how to solder, but have difficulty with correct diagnostics (or vice versa) can take a course on diagnostics, or, for example, those who know how to solder and diagnose, but do not know or have difficulty with Face iD repair, will be able to study the course they need. And some did not even hold a soldering iron in their hands, and they only need an initial base. As you can see, this project can suit different categories of masters and, most importantly, they will have the freedom to choose what they study.

Why do you need
For basic knowledge in Apple repair 

Apple repair is in great demand in our market, but you can’t just take it and start repairing the most common brand of mobile equipment. You need to have certain knowledge, skills, the necessary tools and equipment, you can find out about everything on our website.

To overcome fear in the renovation process 

Sometimes many craftsmen have a fear of doing repairs that they have not done yet. After studying the detailed instructions on this site, the level of fear, in many masters, should drop rapidly.

To save time and effort on self-study 

You can figure out many subtleties in the field of repair yourself, but, perhaps, at the cost of expensive mistakes and wasted time. This site will help everyone understand Apple repair technologies.

Best practices
for presenting information

This project is focused on maximizing the perception of any user. Therefore, it contains all the best methods of presenting information and ways to fix them in a person’s memory. For the most comfortable study, each course is conveniently structured, any student will be able to fully focus on the material being studied.

Courses are presented as:
Text information

In text form, the main course processes, description of media content, instructions and other useful information that should always be at hand are presented.

Video content

The focus of any course is the video presentation, since it is the video that is easier to perceive for any student, and also, the video will help you see the repair and diagnostic processes of Apple products with real examples.

Images and flowcharts

Some content provided in the form of photographs for the full visualization of textual information. Even with the help of images, instructions (soulutions) and flowcharts will be presented.

Helper programs and links

All programs discussed in the courses will be available, as well as links to download or purchase certain products.

Interactive questions and tasks

In some courses there will be interactive questions and assignments, for the quality consolidation of materials by students.

Who is this project for?

This project may be helpful:

For beginners

The problem of any novice master is a lack of information. What to do? How to do? What to do? Etc. All these questions will be answered here.

For specialists

Many specialists may not always succeed or not the first time, this project will help them hone their skills and gain additional knowledge.

For professionals

Every professional values their time and their strength, therefore, this project will help them save time on experiments and self-analysis.

For the directors of S.С.

Owners and managers of service centers must be able to speak with the masters in their language and know when they are trying to deceive or “tip”. This project will help them keep abreast of repairs.

Each SUCCESSFUL repair consists of:

Master's Knowledge

This project will help everyone find the information they need and acquire more knowledge.

Master's experience

Part of the experience can be obtained through courses with videos, photos and text instructions.

Master's equipment

Here you can find information about all the necessary and best equipment, tools and consumables.


Here are the most popular questions you may have.

No. Courses are constantly being written, the collection of courses will be added to on an ongoing basis, and besides, they can be of different categories, perhaps with courses on re-gluing displays or modular replacement of spare parts. Not all courses may be suitable for you. Perhaps in the future, courses will be sold in packages, for example, “package for beginners”, etc. But it is too early to talk about this, since the number of available courses is not enough to complete in one package.

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